Winning Free NBA Picks Can Help You Find the Best Sports Handicapper

We know beyond much doubt that the sports handicapper offering the most winning free NBA picks would also be the guy offering the most winning NBA picks packages. Do you agree? We think it would be very unlikely that any sports handicapper would give away free NBA picks that he has more confidence in that the ones he charges money for, right? A Sports handicapper might, indeed, offer his free sports picks right off the top of the pile, as it were. He might also hold back a few NBA Picks or MLB picks that seem somewhat more valuable to him and deal the rest as with any other sports pick. Certainly most sports handicappers see their free NBA picks as a way of attracting new players to their paid picks, so they must recognize the value of winning free NBA picks or winning free MLB picks to the growth of their organization! So while better free sports betting picks than paid picks could actually happen, we feel it is unlikely.

We also know it is free to search for free NBA picks from many sports handicappers and track down the ones offering the highest percentage of winning NBA, MLB or NFL picks, right? It just takes some work. It is really quite simple to do this kind of a search. Would you agree? Now suppose you follow 25 sports handicappers who claim to give the best sports betting picks online, check their free picks for a month or so. Let’s say you track the wins and losses against these handicappers free online betting picks for at least a full month. Now perhaps you only continue following the ones with the higher percentage of wins, maybe the top third. So you drop 17 handicappers from your list and add in another 17, then continue tracking for another month. Now you keep tracking only the top 10.

Now it is time to put your hard work to the test. Take your top winning percentage handicapper and buy one of his month long packages. Place small equal bets on each of his sports picks. If he has been running 60% wins you are looking to see if his paid NBA picks packages seem equal in value to his free picks or might actually be even better!
Suppose this handicapper’s percentages remain exactly the same at 60%. Now you can grab the next month’s package and increase your bets, still betting equal amounts, and be relatively confident of winning three out of every five bets you make.

Some of the very best sports handicappers on the net use consensus picks as a way to offer more winning sports picks than their competitors. If you are a good handicapper yourself, you may want to exclude betting any NBA picks or MLB picks you lack confidence in. You only bet the sports betting picks you agree with and discard the ones in which you have no confidence. You may well find your winning picks increasing somewhat dramatically using this procedure. It just depends if you are a good handicapper yourself. You may indeed find the same percentage of winners but be losing money due to making fewer bets!

Once you are able to identify a consistently higher percentage of winning NBA picks or any kind of sports picks, it makes the most sense to bet as many picks as you can find and always bet the same amount as long as the bet fits your pattern and your handicapper keeps pumping out 60% wins. Spreading out your higher percentage wins reduces your chance of losing lots of money on a single game. No matter what you personally think of your chances on a given bet, never double up; never ever bet the farm. Follow this procedure exactly and you could be in grave danger of having a winning sports betting season! Fifty $100 bets should produce 10 more $100 winners than losers. If you want to turn that $1000 per month into $2000 just bet $200 each time!

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