Crafts and Hobbies: Boredom Busters

Don\’t be a bummer! A lot of people especially teenagers don\’t like staying at home. They are always itching to go out for clubbing and have the time of their lives. Well, if they wish to be productive there are so many things that they can do by just staying home. There are activities that are worth trying. We are distinct and we have different hobbies and indulgence. It is rewarding to learn a certain craft that you can do during your stay home. There are do-it-yourself crafts that you would definitely enjoy doing at home. Let\’s find out what are those and be filled with brilliant ideas afterwards. Indeed there is a vast repertoire of crafts that can be done in just one sitting. They are considered as boredom busters.

Squiggle and Scribble

Are you home alone and got nothing to do? This is the best time to unleash the artist within you. Don\’t take boredom as something negative. Instead, have an optimistic person\’s perspective. Take a deep breath and look at the things around you, surely there are a lot of things to tell. So, grab a piece of paper and a pen and start doodling. When you are all alone, this is the best time to just do nothing and listen to your inner thoughts, listen to what your senses is trying to convey. Remember, a lot of artists have been incarnated due to boredom. It\’s right there that they discovered the artists that remained in trance from within.


If you have been all too tired and stressed out lately, try to have a good laugh. Enjoy the time being with yourself alone. You can try to recall those special memoirs and all the stuff that made you laugh hard. You can also look at some old photographs. You can put them in a picture frame and try to jazz it up a bit by putting on some cute stick on stuff. It\’s also never late to keep mementoes and make a scrapbook of yourself. This is indeed a very worthwhile activity. You can go back through it and cherish the moments once more. You can make a trip to a craft shop and scout for some cute scrapbook accessories such as fancy ribbons, buttons and tinsels.

Grab a Good Book

Fill yourself with high levels of intellect by grabbing a good book. You can visit your school or the public library and borrow a book by some bestselling authors. You can also reward yourself by going to a book shop and buy yourself a worth-reading novel. This is one way for you to acquire a huge amount of knowledge.

Video Games

You are never too old to play video games. It\’s also good to indulge ourselves with video games sometimes. This would help us release the tension and stress that\’s building up. You can play your favorite video game against the prowess of the computer. Let\’s see who beats another.

Start Blogging

Some make it a hobby of keeping diaries and journals. Since we are more sophisticated these days, we can keep our personal journal via the internet through an application called blog. Unlike diaries and journals, you can share what you have in mind to others by letting them view your blog spot.

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