Different Results of a Speeding Ticket

A speeding ticket is a form of a traffic infraction. To surpass the speed is cited as a moving violation. In some areas, traffic tickets given for speeding, is given a fine and a deduction in points. It is interesting to know how different countries react to traffic violations.

In Canada traffic laws may differ among provinces. Upon receiving a drivers licence, documentation of your traffic record is created. When you get pulled over by a police officer for speeding, they are able to pull up your file to see if you have been pulled over before or if you have any outstanding tickets or crimes you may be facing. Like most other crimes in Canada, you have the opportunity to plead not guilty and fight your ticket. Many times, your fine will be lowered and they will reduce the number of points you will lose. Becoming a repeat offender, your chances of a reduction is less likely and you may eventually lose your licence.

Ireland will notify the accused of their alleged traffic offence by mailing the driver their ticket. Ireland also uses a point system that is included with their fine. Once 28 days have passed without payment, the fee will increase by 50 percent.

A speeding violation would be categorized as a Civil Infraction in the United States. As in some countries, each state holds a record for every driver. Once receiving a ticket, the violator has the option to plead not guilty and take it to court. Both the motorist and the ticketing officer are obligated to attend. If the officer does not attend, the ticket may be thrown out.

When you are pulled over in Finland for speeding, the fee for the offence depends on your last known income. Therefore, it is not surprising that the most expensive speeding ticket given happened in Finland in 2003. The 27 year old driver was the heir to the family company in the meat industry. He was caught at a speed of 80 kilometres an hour in a 40 kilometre zone. He was fined 170,000 Euros, which is equivalent to more than $241,174 US dollars. This is not the only ticket in Finland with six figures.

There are debates on whom and where the first speeding ticket was issued. In January 28, 1896, Walter Arnold of Great Britain was fined for doing eight miles an hour (13km/h) in a two mile area. A paper ticket was issued in 1904 in Ohio.

Allegedly, the fastest speeding ticket in the world occurred in Texas, in 2003. The vehicle was theoretically clocked at 242 miles per hour in a 75 miles zone. In the UK in 2007, the fastest convicted speeder was clocked at 175 miles an hour. He was sentenced to six weeks in jail and lost his drivers licence for two years.

A common traffic infraction is speed, which if caught, results in receiving a speeding ticket. Many countries around the world give out fines and some may use the point system to grade your driving. Different set fines and the option to a trial differs among countries.

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