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There is nothing that influences pop culture quite like Hollywood and all of its celebrities. The actors and actresses that grace the big screen influence everything from fashion to language. When all of us “civilian” consumers are looking for the newest trend of the season, we need to look no further than Hollywood. So, it comes as no surprise that sometimes the fashions stars wear in the movies become more famous than the person wearing them. Some of the most famous pieces of jewelry come from the silver screen.

Possibly, the most recognized piece of jewelry comes from the blockbuster smash “Titanic”. The Heart of the Ocean necklace that Kate Winslet wears around her neck during that scandalous sketch scene has become almost as famous as the movie itself. The Heart of the Ocean necklace is a huge blue diamond necklace that was fashioned after the Hope Diamond. The actual necklace used in the movie was a cubic zirconium set in white gold. After the movie was released and the necklace became so popular, Fox was commissioned to have a real Heart of the Ocean necklace made. Designers created a 170 carat blue sapphire set in platinum surrounded by about 36 carats of white diamonds. This necklace was sold at a charity auction for Princess Diana. Many other reproductions of the Heart of the Ocean have been made since 1997 and continue to be popular.

Another jewel made popular by the big screen was The Pink Panther diamond which made its first appearance back in 1963. The diamond gets his name because of two unique characteristics. First, the diamond does have a pink tone to it. However, it received its name because there in an imperfection within the stone that resembles a panther when examined closely. The diamond is incredibly valuable and weighs in at about 25 carats. Since appearing in the movies, it was privately owned for about 60 years. In November of 2010 the Pink Panther diamond finally went to auction and brought in about $35 million.

The pearl necklace that Audrey Hepburn wore in the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” still remains a pop culture icon to this day. People everywhere still want to own a replica of this famous necklace. The necklace she wore in the movie is a three strand pearl and diamond choker necklace. Necklaces similar to the one Audrey Hepburn wore in the movie continue to be popular with the ongoing trend of statement necklaces. The large flower of diamonds and classic white pearls is a timeless look that will forever be recognized from Hepburn’s time on the silver screen.

The movies aren’t the only place that jewelry trends are set by celebrities. Famous faces like Jackie Onassis, Marilyn Monroe and Princess Diana have left their stamp on the fashion world for generations. Jackie Onassis was famous for her pearls and even today’s First Lady, Michelle Obama follows in her footsteps often seen wearing the classic jewelry. Princess Diana had an impact while she was alive and still remains vital today. The engagement ring she wore while married to Prince Charles is now being replicated by the thousands since the ring was given to the future princess, Kate Middleton. These iconic pieces of jewelry will remain in the hearts of pop culture fans for years with new pieces being added to that collection each year.

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