Six Explanations Why Folks Opt For Cosmetic Surgery

To care for one\’s outer appearance is a human habit. However, throughout history human society has always valued outward looks at the expense of character attributes. To modify one\’s image for personal gain is thus a well-known theme. In recent history more and more folks have sought out cosmetic surgery to alter aspects of the physical body. Although a controversial issue, here are six reasons why people opt for this radical life-changing medical procedure.

The first motive can be attributed to widespread cultural and media images forever disseminating messages and pictures about perfection in appearance. Today\’s westernized cultures place great emphasis on looking and feeling young, equating these with fulfilling lifestyles. For some, beautifying through clothes and other fashionable accessories are simply not enough. Not contented with physical looks, many individuals try and achieve an ideal beauty standard by going under the knife.

Another reason has to do with perceptions and expectations. Folk choosing to enhance the figure through medically altering parts of the physique has the perception that this will change one\’s own and other people\’s impressions favorably, especially pertaining to judgments about an individual\’s intelligence and performance. It\’s also a self-confidence booster, and adds to an individual\’s social status and social mobility. In other words, the procedure is a tool for impression management.

The third motivating factor is related to the above. People change unattractive aspects of the body to make a favorable impression so as to secure job opportunities and advance professional careers. Research shows physical appearances have a significant influence on personal earnings and workplace promotion. It comes as no surprise therefore that during times of economic crises and work scarcity, there tends to be a rise in the numbers of persons seeking figure-changing operations.

Historically, women have been under far more cultural pressure than men to adhere to standards of physical beauty. The issue here is that the female sex undergo significantly more body-changing medical procedures precisely for this reason. The relatively novel consumerist drive for men to look young, fashionable and maintain beautiful healthy bodies is a very late arrival on the modern-day scene.

But having said this, times are changing and today men are just as concerned about looking youthful and physically attractive. The fifth reason has to do with the fact that the stigma associated with undergoing plastic surgery has largely vanished, making it easier for large numbers of men to consider surgically modifying suspect body parts. As with women, the aim is to improve the overall figure, self-esteem, and professional image.

Another reason for the increasing popularity of surgical procedures is because it is relatively safe and effective. But due to the high cost, many women wishing to change aspects of the appearance opt for cheaper but riskier and unhealthy means. The potential complications resulting from genuine surgical alterations are far less, given the evolving advanced techniques that efficiently enhance and remodel the body\’s appearance.

In short, everybody is concerned to some degree with physical looks and its effect on others. And cosmetic surgery provides people that can afford it a way to enhance physical appearance and self-esteem, with the promise of a more productive and happier life. These six reasons hopefully offer some insight as to why individuals opt for this still controversial procedure.

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