The Seven Sacred Truths by Denis Waitley

The Seven Sacred Truths by Denis Waitley will show what is important in life. Young people ask the question: What is life about? As they go through the different stages of life, they experience the changes that go along with each life stage. The challenges people have to hurdle mislead them to set wrong priorities and they end up unhappy.

The Coach in the Box

The Seven Sacred Truths by Denis Waitley is not a scholarly paper but it is a treasure trove of practical inputs that can help you see life in a different perspective. This is not about successes or failures, but rather about the different experiences of real people, the average Joe struggling to cope with the hard knocks of life. The book sets out help to understand one\’s heart and mind.

There are things that cannot be taught in school but can be learned from real life. Dan Waitley preaches the simple truths but uses life experiences of people, not celebrities, to show you how you can prioritize what really matters.

The book whittles down life\’s priorities to people you care about and optimism no matter what changes come along. These are known truths people lived by but people just don\’t know what and how to prioritize what really matters. Life is really simple but people complicate it with wrong priorities.

The book contains the steps to take to help you recognize and set up priorities. The Seven Sacred Truths uses a dynamic approach familiar with the style of self-help coach Dan Waitley. With a new perspective gained from the reading, one learns to approach life with renewed optimism. The knowledge gained can be passed on to the next generation.

The content for an audio set contains 6 audiocassettes, reminder cards and a workbook, and bonus cassette. The powerful program introduces you to a simple doable course. You listen to the trials and triumphs of people. Each step along the way through The Seven Sacred Truths, you will discover new things about yourself. You have to answer the question: what are the truths I want to pass along to the next generation?

Are You Ready to Face Life\’s Surprises?

No matter how ready you are, life will still surprise you. The coaching program gives you the cutting edge to prep yourself up. Learning how people coped with their problems prepares you. Decision-making may not be too difficult because the program teaches you how to prioritize the important things in your life.

Each day, you listen to a tape and follow the instructions outlined in your workbook. It\’s a coaching program, not a book. So prepare to sweat it out with your workbook. If you really want to improve your emotional quotient, take the coaching seriously. The Seven Sacred Truths is a practical guide for busy people who want a way back to an uncomplicated life.

Young people would benefit most from the audio book. Before setting out for a lifelong journey to achieve a successful career, improved finances, and a happy marriage, listen first to the battle-scarred veterans of life and learn from their mistakes.

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