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Many things have been said about the uses of business intelligence tools. The latest news regarding this tool however is its adaptation of the Cloud. So, how does the cloud business intelligence tools suit small and medium businesses?

Small and medium businesses usually prioritize getting excellent insights coming from data. Business intelligence tools has become an answer to reaching this end through helping in managing & measuring company’s objectives and goals. In small companies, spreadsheets and other more simple tools are considered sufficient to do this task. However, as a company gears toward expansion, the data that they are handling consequently increases. There would also be new services & products as well as new opportunities in new markets. Thus, the marketing, sales, finance and operations becomes more complex. The consequence of this is that much more people become part in collecting and analyzing data. The people in various parts of organization (ex. finance, marketing, human resources, sales) would also be required for an analysis of data in different capacities.

This is then where the importance of cloud Business intelligence tools come in. It is a cost effective way to deliver the said required services for small and medium businesses (SMB) without need for these clients to break the bank. These SMBs usually cannot afford large capital expenditures for traditional business intelligence tools that large corporations use. They also do not have enough information technology resources that run on a server & database system. Moreover, they do not have a deep databank for these data to be needing such complex systems. SMBs also often have changing needs which change even faster than the evolution of software. Thus, it is convenient to have a Cloud-based IT structure so that the company only uses and pays for a product based on their need. If the business user for instance thinks that it is not deriving enough value from such software, the business can easily terminate the subscription to it on the month’s end.

Another reason why the Cloud Business Intelligence system is suited for small and medium businesses is that its use does not require intense technological skills. On the other hand, traditional business intelligence systems require vast technical know-how to use & manage the system. Also with the traditional tools, the users could not perform the analysis fast enough by themselves. Questions on the process for instance need to be coursed through the information technology department which results to delays. On the other hand, with the Cloud Business intelligence systems, there is no need to install software and none of the routinary maintenance need to be done. Thus, extra IT manpower need not be available to maintain a system. A company’s IT staff could then focus work on how to grow the business through strategic information technology means.

All of these show how the Cloud Business intelligence tools do really suit the small and medium businesses. It could be a catalyst to a business’ further growth. It could even be a game changer in terms of the businesses systems used.

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Are you looking for more information regarding How to start a business? Visit

Author Bio: Are you looking for more information regarding How to start a business? Visit

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