Chesterfield Furniture: How a Chesterfield Sofa is Made

The chesterfield sofas have captured the hearts of lots of people from all over the world. Have you ever wondered how a piece of chesterfield furniture is manufactured? Below are some details.

The Technique

The chesterfield furniture is handmade. The craftsmanship of chesterfield furniture items that dates back to 1700s are known all over the world. You may not believe it but every piece of authentic chesterfield furniture is crafted with utmost caution. The measurements meet the specifications. It is rare to find mistakes or imbalance. The way every piece of chesterfield furniture is crafted also contributes to its durability. In contrary to popular belief, handmade furniture can stand the test of time especially if it is chesterfield furniture. Handmade furniture items get enough attention that ensures quality and precision.

The Foundation

When making a chesterfield sofa, the manufacturer starts with the frame. It is considered as the most important part of the sofa since it is the foundation. Every frame should be built using the best hard wood. The top considerations when choosing a hard wood for the frame of chesterfield sofa are durability and strength. You may be surprised but the authentic and high quality chesterfield furniture items have frames that are assembled by hand. It ensures that every corner and joint is tough and will not break easily. The craftsmen use braces that are either screwed or glued. To beautify the braces, the manufacturer will polish it using a special finish. Every area of the frame should have the finish in several coats. The craftsmen allot two days for drying the finish.

The Shapers

The craftsman will then add individual coil springs to give the sofa’s shape. These springs are usually placed manually but other manufacturers add them mechanically to ensure uniform grid. However, endurance is much better with the hand-applied springs. The panels of padding are placed after the springs. They give the final shape.

The Upholstery

Did you know that chesterfield furniture is the first one to have full upholstery? It is upholstered using natural leather. For the making of chesterfield furniture, templates are applied to the leathers. You can expect natural markings, which are a sign of the leather’s authenticity. Another unique characteristic of chesterfield furniture is the natural patina that occurs as the leather undergoes normal wear and tear.

The Buttons and Studs

The chesterfield furniture is best known for the detailed buttoning. Before, the buttons and studs are used to secure the padding. Today, they are used more for style.

With one look, you can instantly say that a piece of chesterfield furniture is made with attention to detail and creativity. Every part of it is ensured to be of top notch quality by using the best materials and by not rushing the making process. Durability and beauty are always highly regarded so manufacturers always go for the manual-route. It is seldom to find good chesterfield furniture manufacturers that rely on machines. From frame to studs, a chesterfield sofa is made from the finest and most durable materials by creative hands.

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