Choosing a Natural Stone Top For Your Bathroom Cabinet

Renovating or updating your bathroom is a time that is exciting but would require careful thought. Whether you will be gutting the entire room or simply updating some of the features is up to you and the budget you have set aside for the project. Often, many homeowners can get away with minimal and cost-effective solutions that would greatly improve the look and functionality of the room, and much of the work can be a DIY project. One upgrade that could change the entire feel and style of the space is installing a new bathroom cabinet.

There are numerous styles, designs and materials to pick from, regardless of your budget. In fact, an old dresser can be converted to one, topped with natural stone. This can be a very cost-effective solution that brings great style to the room, however, it may be limited with regards to providing ample storage. It also has to be the right size, otherwise it could take over the whole room, creating visual heaviness and imbalance in the space. On the positive side, it will save you lots of money, without the need to purchase the actual cabinet.

On the other hand, you may opt for a brand-new cabinet which will provide you with all the storage solutions you a modern household requires. Still, even with the various models and styles to pick from, you will have the option to choose the counter-tops so that they will suit your taste and the overall design scheme you aim to achieve. This will give you lots of options, from melamine to ceramic, natural stone to quartz and many others. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages, which will be discussed below.

The top choice is melamine because it is the least expensive and still looks smart. However, over time it could easily become damaged, especially with water seeping into it, causing bubbling and warping. Wood is another choice that homeowners opt for of late, but this can also be damaged with water. It will also show water marks and stains from droplets of water caused from hand washing, shaving, and so on. Quartz is a fine choice with numerous advantages, such as with getting a custom look, as well as the longevity factor. It is very durable and beautiful, as well, but comes at a very high cost.

Ceramic tile could be a nice and cost-effective option, but it can easily become dated. Another disadvantage is that the grout can develop mold and mildew stains which are very difficult to remove. Natural stone is another popular choice among homeowners renovating their bathroom cabinets. Not only is natural stone extremely attractive, it is also quite durable and a style and material that will not ever look dated. It suits all decor schemes and comes in numerous colors to tie in well with the room\’s design. It is easy to maintain and clean, requiring only to seal it every so often to maintain its finish and good looks. It can finish any cabinet style regardless of the materials used in its makeup.

Heather Mitchell is a featured writer for, where you can find the single bathroom vanity for your space!

Heather Mitchell is a featured writer for the site, where you the perfect bathroom vanity for your space!

Author Bio: Heather Mitchell is a featured writer for, where you can find the single bathroom vanity for your space!

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