Choosing Your Laptop Screen

When it comes to shopping for your laptop, you need to consider the right laptop screen for your planned usage. This is among the most important things that have to be looked into when making a decision about what laptop to choose. There are certain tips that can help you choose the right laptop with an appropriate screen for you.

One thing that you have to remember though is that there is a wide variety of laptop screens. There are standard screen and widescreens. There are screens in 15 inches, 17 inches, and other dimensions. Some screens use an antireflective technology. Knowing all these things can help you choose the right laptop screen for you.

Your Situation

Before you choose the right screen, you also need to think about your situation. This means determining the main use that you have in mind for the laptop. It can be multimedia purposes, games, music production, photo editing, writing, and more. Once you know this, you can think of the laptop screen that best suits your needs to optimise your experience. If you need the laptop for your work that involves a lot of research or email checking, there is also an appropriate screen for this.

To determine the right screen for your purpose in using your laptop, you also need to learn about the common types of screens. The widescreen LCD screen is best used for DVD watching because its vertical and horizontal proportions are almost similar to home theatre. This may also be used for gaming though most games are still using the standard aspect ratio screen. You can expect future trends for games to be designed for widescreens though.

However, widescreens are not ideal for users who need to go through a lot of reading on the computer. This is due to the lack of vertical display on the screen, which means that you need to do a lot of scrolling down to read your text documents. Find a laptop with an LCD screen that has more vertical display.

Your Lifestyle

It makes a difference if you are so mobile that you need to bring your laptop with you wherever you go or if you are just going to commute with device in your home to work routine. This is because your laptop screen’s weight matters. Most of your laptop weight comes from the screen. Just try holding a laptop with a 17-inch screen and one with a 15-inch screen. You will likely feel the difference in their weight. If you need to carry your laptop around, choose one with a smaller laptop screen.

Eye Test

Do an eye test when comparing several LCD screens on laptops. Put together all the laptops in front of you and pick the one that pleases your eyes. Choose the one with a better display.

Battery Power

Laptop screens use battery power due to the backlight that is needed to light them up. The backlight consumes the most energy from the battery power. However, there are already new developments in this area wherein laptops use LED light which saves more battery power to let it last longer.

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