Don\’t Feel Bad About Beginning at Step Zero

“There is now a level 0.”

This is every kid\’s favorite line from the movie Kung Fu Panda. If not the number one favorite it is certainly up there in the top ten. The audience roared with laughter when Po bear was plunked into the midst of the advanced training arena. I laughed as well and we all caught ourselves shaking our heads at the ingenuous panda bear whose dream was to learn kung fu.

Here\’s the thing though. When we\’re first learning a new skill, whether it\’s playing the piano, fixing a roof, or yes, mastering the art of kung fu, we\’re all starting off at Level 0. The sooner we learn that there\’s nothing wrong with that, the better off we\’re going to be.

Take a Lesson from Your Children

We learn better as kids than we do as adults because kids know that it is perfectly okay to start from step zero. When we are kids, the people around us expect us to know nothing when learning something brand new. We\’re just kids. People offer us encouragement and support that helps us thrive in learning anything new. We eventually master the new skill and one day may teach others what we know.

When we grow up we are no longer comfortable with not knowing and beginning at the beginning is shameful to us. This is because by this time we have absorbed many skill sets. No matter what it is we undertake we are expected to have a basic foundation from which to work.

We are expected to know what we are doing. This is far from fair, but whoever told you the world was fair was wrong.

It\’s your Attitude that Requires Adjustment, not theirs

You have two choices as an adult human being. You can opt to be embarrassed about starting from the ground up and hold yourself back, or you can brush off the rude snickers and guffaws and charge on to realize your dreams.

Several weeks ago, a friend was telling me about his karate classes. He had begun learning martial arts as an adult, and strongly recommended a particular program. When I took a look at the program brochure, I understood why. The classes aren\’t divided by age or rank. Every student in the class, from the six year old taking their first class to the fifty year old veteran with the black belt are in it together. The more experienced help the younger ones, but there is no segregation. Because of that, no one is ashamed to find themselves starting out at Level 0.

There will always be someone to guffaw loudly as you ineptly begin something new. That is the way some people are. Far more important are the ones that offer encouraging words and support and lend you their advice and expertise if you are not too embarrassed to ask them for it.

Always keep in mind that they began at level 0 themselves.

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