What is the Cause of Leg Cramps?

If you\’re wondering what the cause of leg cramps is, you are not alone. A lot of people are wondering the same thing. This is because leg cramps are very common, and they also happen to be very unpleasant. Most people who can avoid having leg cramps would do anything to do so. Unfortunately, there is no one cause of leg cramps. There are plenty of causes you can choose from, and you can do a trial and error on these causes if you experience cramps regularly.


The number one cause of leg cramps is dehydration. You need to drink at least eight full glasses of water in a day if you want to be properly hydrated. Otherwise, you\’re really prone to muscle problems and these include leg cramps. They can be very painful especially at night. You can increase your water intake. If you’re pregnant, you will probably need more than eight glasses. Try this first and see if it lessens the frequency of your leg cramps. If you work out, you should be drinking water all throughout your workout. You need one full glass of water per light activity, and you will need more during rigorous workouts.


Have you been sick and not eating well? Or are you currently on a crash diet? Malnutrition is another common cause of leg cramps. This is why while leg cramps are more common in people over 65 years old, they can also occur in teenagers. If you have been depriving your body of essential nutrients, you need to eat properly again. Otherwise these cramps will just keep on coming back.

Weight gain

Pregnancy, especially when it\’s coupled with weight gain, is also a common cause of leg cramps. Your legs are strained trying to adjust to its new load which is why you need to stretch a lot and do light exercises to ease your legs into its new job. If you have been idle, the weight change could shock the muscle mass on your legs leading to strain, and later on to leg muscle cramps especially while you’re sleeping at night.

Neurological problems

Sometimes, leg cramps are also caused by neurological problems. This happens when your brain sends the wrong signals to your muscles, causing it to contract. Involuntary contraction of the muscles is normal, and sometimes even helpful when it occurs during an injury, but if it\’s caused by a problem in your nervous system, you need to see your doctor. You may be given medicines, or you may have to undergo therapy. The earlier you report a suspected neurological problem, the easier and faster it can be treated.


If you are suffering from leg cramps, especially if they occur at night, don\’t panic. Massage the affected area instead and once it has relaxed a bit, stretch it very gently. You might experience slight pain while you\’re stretching it, but as long as you’re guiding your ligaments, this should be harmless.

Should your muscle cramp be severe, you can also try applying warm compress. Higher temperature lets your muscles relax. Sometimes, cramps occur when temperatures suddenly drop too. Once you\’ve stopped the cramping, you can also try to take a warm shower to prevent \”aftershocks\”. If this occurs regularly, talk to your doctor about treatments. You may need to take medicines or adjust your lifestyle.

Seomul Evans is SEO services consultant and content writer for American Leg Cramp Society. Visit the site to know more about Leg Cramps Causes.

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Author Bio: Seomul Evans is SEO services consultant and content writer for American Leg Cramp Society. Visit the site to know more about Leg Cramps Causes.

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