Las Vegas Air Tours to Grand Canyon During Winter

Grand Canyon sightseeing is ideal during fall and winter. There are numerous ways to take advantage of these seasons, but my favorite happens to be airplane and helicopter rides.

Air tours take off from two places: Las Vegas, NV, and the South Rim. Both locations offer air-only tours, but only Vegas offers tours that let you explore the top and the bottom of the Canyon.

Champagne Picnic

In particular is the Vegas helicopter tour that goes to the bottom for a Champagne picnic. Folks who really want to do it all can add a Colorado River boat tour into the mix. The ride that lands on top is often packaged with Skywalk tickets.

The Skywalk, which is also known as the Glass Bridge, is one of Vegas\’ best outdoor attractions. It\’s famous because it lets you walk some 70 feet past the edge until you wind up being suspended 4,000 over the Canyon floor.

One last note about LV helicopters: There are two kinds and they are basic and deluxe. Basic tours start from Boulder City and require a 30-minute shuttle van ride. Deluxe, by contrast, include free limousine pick up and drop off and use the superior EcoStar 130 heli.

More Airtime

At South Rim, there are 30-minute and 50-minute flights. I recommend you consider the longer tour because not only does it let you double your airtime for just a fraction more money, but by the time you are done you will have seen nearly 5 percent of the National Park.

Vegas airplane tours are less expensive than helicopters and often have more seats available. Like helicopters, there are air-only and landing. Again, I prefer the landing trips because you get a more complete experience.

At West Rim, the plane tour I like lands at the top and comes with a helicopter ride to the base. It can be extended with a boat tour on the river. There\’s also one that lets you do the Skywalk, too. Then there\’s the Vegas direct flight to South Rim, and in the case of this one I like the package that comes with a South Rim helicopter ride.

South Rim Plane

As for South Rim airplane tours, consider the one that gives you up to 50 minutes of airtime. It basically flies the same route as the 50-minute helicopter and includes the mighty Dragoon Corridor, which is famous for being the widest, deepest section of the National Park.

I\’m going to recommend that you purchase your Grand Canyon air tour at least a week or two prior to your arrival in Las Vegas or South Rim. Do not buy your trip at the destination or within 72 hours of departure. I say this because you\’ll end up paying a lot more than if you booked it in advance.

I also recommend that you reserve your tour online. Not only is it easier, more convenient and safe, but it\’s also where you\’ll get the best deal. I\’ve been done it this way for years and oftentimes have saved up to 35 percent on certain flights, especially the ones that originate from Las Vegas.


Finally, it\’s winter at the Canyon so dress warmly and comfortably. Of course, helicopters and airplanes are climate-controlled. But if you take a landing tour that means you\’ll be exiting the aircraft. If you do that, you\’ll want to check weather the day prior to flying and dress accordingly.

The author is a Grand Canyon expert and recommends taking on of these airplane tours or one of these helicopter rides:

The author is a Grand Canyon expert and recommends taking on of these airplane tours or one of these helicopter rides:

Author Bio: The author is a Grand Canyon expert and recommends taking on of these airplane tours or one of these helicopter rides:

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