The Top 5 Anti Aging Benefits of Yoga

Yoga reduces the body’s aging process by enhancing the functions of key areas that affect our physical and mental health. Here are the top five reasons why you should not only start practicing yoga in your life, but keep up with it as you age for immense health benefits.

1. Flexibility

A lot of people experience excruciating body aches, pains, and stiffness as they age. Unfortunately, not enough people know that yoga yields the flexibility their bodies need for a happy life.

Yoga is the path for deeper comfort in the body as you age. The more you practice your yoga poses like the asanas, the more it’ll reward you with agile flexibility.

Also note that spinal flexibility is not only about comfort alone; it also has health benefits. It can create spaces between your vertebrae making your spine to shorten when left unchecked. Yoga practice on a regular basis helps to lengthen your spine, which in turn improves your sensitivity and nerve impulse transmission and a healthier body.

2. Balance

Balance is a very important facet of yoga poses; think about the Warrior, Triangle or the Tree Pose. Because of this, yoga helps your body to regain and maintain lost balance. Moreover, yoga touches on both your body and brain functions, allowing you to practice these faculties on a regular basis. This reduces the rate at which they lose functions naturally.

Considering that nearly 50% of all women and 25% of men over age 50 suffer from fractures every year according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, why not avoid the stress by taking up yoga?

The benefits of keeping your balance intact are many. Balancing yoga poses not only help the left and right hemispheres of the brain work in sync, they also help improve the body’s agility. The comfort you get is also unmatched in the sense that, you will never have to worry about losing balance while you are walking. Yoga ensures that you go sure footedly into active situations like active beach vacations to enjoying the beauty of the wild nature, without looking from a distance.

3. Strength

Yoga practice helps the body to build strength slowly, but safely. Research has shown that stronger muscles stronger muscles reduce the aging process while increasing bone density. Weight bearing yoga poses like the Cobra and Plank, Downward Dog, dramatically help your body to build strength as you age.

Yoga, therefore, provides a safer option for building muscles and bone density than other high impact or high intensity exercises which tend to stress your cartilage and joints.

4. Breathing

Yoga puts a lot of emphasis on your ability to breathe, and the focus on the breathe itself.

It increases your lung\’s capacity to “carry” air as you become attentive on how you breathe. The heightened ability to take in air increases the supply to essential body cells that are only too happy to multiply and function efficiently.

Another distinct advantage of proper breathing instilled by yoga is lower blood pressure. According to a recent survey by the University of Pennsylvania, a team of researchers studied the effects of yoga on blood pressure.

They found out that patients who attended yoga 2-to-3 times per week for 24 weeks had a significantly lower blood pressure compared to any other diet only group they studied.

Apart from lower blood pressure, proper breathing techniques learn\’t through yoga twists like Think Seated Twist, Supine Twist and Side Bends have a positive impact on digestion. Even though this will not kill you if it is not working, it will surely make you more comfortable.

5. Body awareness

Awareness is a very important element in all stages of life, more so as you age. Think about the roles awareness signals have on your body’s functions at any given moment. Yoga enables you become aware about everything around you by training you to be mindful of everything in you surroundings.

This not only has enormous effects on your mental, emotional and spiritual well-being but also reflects in the physical form. Yoga trains our bodies to notice when we are slouching; alerts us when the stress kicks and when we need to stop eating whatever we are eating because it’s not good for us.

Discover the 7 Natural Anti Aging Hacks to turn Back the Clock without Risky Drugs or Expensive Treatments

Discover the 7 Natural Anti Aging Hacks to turn Back the Clock without Risky Drugs or Expensive Treatments

Author Bio: Discover the 7 Natural Anti Aging Hacks to turn Back the Clock without Risky Drugs or Expensive Treatments

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