Take the Hassle Out of Home Wiring With Phiadelphia Electrician Services

DIY (Do-It-Yourself) is in style. Many people believe that, with the help of Wikipedia and other online resources, they can accomplish projects quickly and cheaply. This idea may work for many home projects, but there\’s one area where you must hire a professional – electrical wiring. Practically every aspect of house wiring is governed by codes, both national and local, and for good reason. Safety is paramount, and many people have lost their lives because of faulty wiring, which is the primary cause of residential fires.

How can a Philadelphia electrician help you with home wiring?

– If you\’re purchasing an older house, or live in an older home and have never had an inspection of your wiring, it\’s time to call a licensed electrician to do a thorough inspection – He\’ll examine wire insulation, and see if it\’s fraying or dried out, he\’ll check the service panel for corrosion, and he\’ll also check to see if anything unsafe was done by a previous owner

– He\’ll check all your light fixtures to make sure that no bulb has been installed that has a greater wattage than the device was designed for – A bulb\’s heightened heat can melt or scorch the insulation and socket of the fixture\’s wires, and this greatly increases the chance of arcing – sparks that can jump from one wire to another – and cause an electrical fire

– Maybe your older house doesn\’t have enough outlets, and you\’re heavily dependent on power strips and extension cords – Get a Philadelphia electrician to add more outlets by cutting holes in ceilings and walls to be able to snake the wires and expand your outlets

– Your house may have over-wired panels, which means that they contain more circuits than they\’re equipped to handle – This means that your old receptacles must be replaced with ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs)

– Your house might have aluminum wiring, which was utilized in the 1960s and 1970s as an inexpensive substitute for copper wiring – This is a dangerous situation because aluminum corrodes when it\’s placed in any contact with copper, and it will make your connections loosen, leading to fires and arcing. An electrician knows how to correct this inexpensively

– Some insurance carriers have been known to refuse to insure homes that have older electrical systems, or they might insist that homeowners pay higher premiums

– Today\’s modern wiring is called Romex, and it\’s an insulated, plastic-sheathed 3 wire cable – Check with your electrician about wiring upgrades if your house has knob and tube, armored cable, or 2-wire plastic sheathed cable. If you have vintage copper wiring that\’s in good condition and hasn\’t been changed in any way that is a code violation, you might not need to replace it

Ensuring your home and family are safe is easy when you hire a professional Philadelphia electrician company.

Don\’t play around with your family\’s safety by trying to do wiring repairs yourself. There is a Philadelphia electrician who offers all types of electrical wiring repairs, including 24/7 emergency services.

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