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Subnet Mask: One of the Most Essential Aspects of Subnetting

A network mask that is widely used by individuals who want to maximize the use of subnetting, a subnet mask is helpful in the identification of the subnet where a particular Internet Protocol address exists. This mask has two important components, namely the host address and the network address. Like an IP address, it is […]

A Look at the Various Aspects of Public DNS Servers

Known as servers that convert some domain names into Internet Protocol addresses, public Domain Name System servers are open and can be accessed by any computer user. Volunteer computer engineers offer these servers free-of-charge and they commonly use FreeBSD servers that are protected by Uninterruptible Power Supply to run them. Computer users can determine their […]

The Guidelines for Using as a Private Internet Protocol Address

One of the private Internet Protocol version addresses that is commonly used for several kinds of routers for residential broadband, 192.168.1 is helpful when it comes to establishing and accessing a default gateway for home computer networks. The manufacturers of home routers like those who create routers with the brand names Belkin and SMC usually […]

An Overview of the Different Aspects of VLAN

Technically called Virtual Local Area Network, a VLAN refers to a set of hosts, which has similar characteristics and basic features with a physical LAN. However, it uses a specific computer application to conduct efficient network reconfiguration. It is more useful than a physical LAN because with this network, computer users that belong to various […]

An Overview of Used Cisco Switches and Routers

One of the multinational companies that manufacture, design and offer consumer communications, networks and electronic services and Levitra technologies, Cisco is based in San Jose, California and has 65,000 employees as of 2009. In the same year, it posted a total revenue of $36.11 billion. It is known for offering Internetwork Operating System (also called […]

An Overview of CSMA/CD

One of the most useful methods in computer networking, the Carrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Detection (also called CSMA/CD) is an efficient network access procedure that can be applied in a data transmission station that has the ability to identify another signal during frame transmission. In addition, this procedure is also helpful in using a carrier […]

The Different Categories of Free Voice Over Internet Protocol Services

A general Levitra Professional term that is used when referring to devices that are designed for providing voice communications using the Internet, the Voice over Internet Protocol (also called VoIP) is synonymous with other computer terms like the Internet telephony, broadband phone, voice over broadband as well as the IP telephony. Devices that are developed […]