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The Slow Cooker is Becoming the Invaluable Item in Virtually Every Busy House Hold

A slow cooker or crock pot is a kitchen appliance that is made for the very busy household. It is basically a counter top device that allows you to prepare meals at low steady heat permitting unattended cooking for prolonged time periods. This is a simple device made up of a cooking pot along with […]

The New Electric Pressure Cooker Will Save You Valuable Time in the Kitchen

People who were around in the 60\’s definitely have heard an account concerning someone whose pressure cooker exploded and shot food around the kitchen area. Those times are gone for good. If you were to take the many kitchen appliances from the 60\’s, the pressure cooker would be one that has had the most upgrades. […]

Simple Crock Pot Meals That Make You Feel Like a Top Chef

Many people live particularly quite busy and stressful lifestyles. That\’s just life nowadays. Yet even so we really don\’t need to be satisfied with frozen dinners or some other tasteless meals in a box. Not anymore. The slow cooker was developed just for everyone having busy schedules who also would like superb meals. You\’ll find […]

Tips For Buying and Cooking Potatoes

The potato is one of the most popular and versatile foods you can cook with in the American kitchen. But before you start cooking with potatoes, let’s be reminded of some important tips. First, when you buy your potatoes, be on the watch for potatoes that are both firm and smooth. Do not buy potatoes […]

How to Cook With Beans

Beans are a very healthy, inexpensive and filling food to use for family dinners. To have the best success with beans in your cooking, follow some of these helpful tips. The traditional way to prepare dry beans for cooking is to put three cups of cold water for every cup of dry beans in a […]

Hot Air Cookers – the Speedier, Healthier and Economical Way to Cook

Unlike the typical, familiar ovens in most homes, hot air cookers use a fan to spread the heat through the entire oven cavity. When heated air gets circulated in the oven as opposed to just surrounding it, the food is bound to be cooked more evenly. Traditional ovens tend to develop hot and cold spots […]

How to Make a Simple and Healthy Pasta Sauce

Not all of us have the privilege of being Italian. It seems every Italian has the secret to making a tasty tomato sauce. Being one myself, of course I have several sauces up my sleeve. But not everyone has time to spend on a sauce that takes hours to prepare. Simmering a sauce to perfection […]

Healthy Cooking – Cooking Made Simple

Healthy Cooking, Cooking Made Simple If there is one thing that is on the minds of everyone across the country, it is eating healthy. In a time when people have fast food for dinner more than once a week, it can be just a little bit difficult to get into a healthy mindset when it […]

Blender Soups

That blender sitting on your kitchen counter is more than just a fancy umbrella drink machine. With a little bit of creativity and some helpful recipes, you can use your blender to make creamy, smooth, gourmet style soups. Making your own fresh soup is an excellent way to get your daily servings of vegetables. Blending […]

How to Choose the Best Cooktop For Your Kitchen

Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen, building a new one or just replacing an outdated appliance, you need to carefully choose the cooktop that best fits your lifestyle and your cooking needs. You get more flexibility in a new build, but obviously have to consider space and kitchen layout if you’re remodeling. Then there are always […]