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Attorneys in the Music Industry Specialize in Intellectual Property Rights

Given the unique nature of the entertainment industry, most specifically the music industry, contracts between recording artists and entertainment companies often use complex terms and conditions that tend to favor the company over the artist. From the company’s perspective, there are good reasons for this, but artists often leave contract negotiations feeling cheated. In the […]

Do You Own a Vehicle? Then You Should Know What is Allowed Under The Lemon Laws in Texas!

The Texas lemon laws were created to ensure that the rights of consumers were protected in case where a faulty automobile was purchased and numerous attempts from the manufacturer to rectify such defects are in vain; in this scenario the consumer has the right to demand a refund or a replacement from the manufacturer under […]

Protect Your Intellectual Property Online

You know that plagiarism runs rampant across the internet. When you Google a popular subject, you frequently find that three or four sites have the exact same content, and you recognize the cheap and sleazy quality of the copy and past maneuvers. Do you also recognize that their plagiarism is illegal? If you created the […]

Domain Names-Trademarks-Copyrights–How to Protect Intellectual Property

With ongoing controversies concerning music downloads, pirated movies and plagiarized fiction always making the news, the phrase “intellectual property” is heard on almost a daily basis. But because it covers such a variety of creative products, the average person is hard pressed to articulate the differences between patents, trademarks and copyrights. Fortunately, there are a […]

Slander – Before You Pay A Lawyer Please Read This

Can you sue Google for Slander? The question above can be categorized as one of those “if I only had a dime for every time I was asked” questions. As Google has grown in size and power on the internet so have the many misuses of its search engine capabilities. Here is the major problem […]