Great Catfish Baits

Catfish fishing is a sport that is enjoyed by anglers all over for the simple thrill of reeling them in. There are several species of catfish such as the
Flathead, where to buy cialis online channel, blue and bullhead catfish and some of these can grow to some incredible sizes. They are considered a predatory fish which makes them aggressive when caught.

This is part of the thrill of going catfish fishing because when Levitra you start to reel in one these monsters, you’re doing something challenging and fun. Even the smaller catfish can put up a struggle you’re going to remember.

The catfish got it’s name from their whiskers that look Tadacip similar to a cats and these are actually what’s responsible for their strong sense of smell. The catfish is well-known for striking at just about anything small enough to fit in their mouth that comes their way and for their ability to smell food from a distance.

This is why so many anglers use baits with a strong odor when fishing for them. There are many baits that can be used to entice this species to strike but you’ll find some of your best options discussed below.

5 catfish baits that work great:

1. Chicken livers is a good choice because they are easy to find and they have an odor that draws the catfish in your direction. They can be bought fresh or frozen depending on when you plan to use them. If you buy them frozen they will need to thaw before using. However, if you only partially thaw them out then they will finish thawing when they hit the water and the smell will linger longer.

2. Stink baits is a good choice that will surly get the senses of the catfish stirred up. You can buy stink baits or make your own, it’s up to you. However, if you decide to use stink baits, only do so in water that is below sixty degrees or the smell will be too over-powerful and you may not even be able to stand it.

3. Cut baits are a good option if you don’t mind cutting a small baitfish up into little pieces and if it’s allowed in your area. Be sure to check out the local laws because some areas will fine you for using cut baits.

4. Cheese balls can be purchased per-packaged and ready to stick on the end of the hook and go fishing. This is a powerful bait that seems to literally drive the catfish crazy.

5. Live baits is an option that you just can’t go wrong with. This is what the catfish feeds off of naturally so it makes sense it would get the most attention. Your best choices for live bait include worms, shad, minnows and crawdads. You do want to keep your live bait fresh at all times for the best results.

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