Foreclosure Cleanup Jobs – How to Make the Right Contacts to Get Work Quickly

Foreclosure cleaning has become one of the bright spots to come out of the home foreclosure crisis – which started in the fall of 2007. And, according to recent statistics, it’s still raging. Proof?

Proof That the Home Foreclosure Crisis Is Still Raging

According to a June 2010 article on the Wall Street Journal’s respected financial publication site, MarketWatch, Over 6 million homeowners are still in the foreclosure process, or about to go into it (ie, are delinquent). [Source: “Modifications rise sharply on some mortgage loans”, June 22, 2010].

Not only does this make cleaning foreclosed properties a viable opportunity now, it’s an evergreen business that can be profitable for years to come because as long as real estate is bought and sold it will need to be cleaned out, repaired and maintained. And, these are the exact services that foreclosure clean up companies provide.

But for many operators of this type of business, knowing who to contact to get business (outside of the obvious source or realtors) can be a real stumbling block, especially if they’ve never owned a business before.

Foreclosure Clean Up Business Owners: How to Think Logically about Marketing to Bring in Job Leads

Marketing – in any type of small business – is logical. So to find contacts who can give your business work, think about the types of people who are in contact with the type of services you provide.

For example, take real estate agents. This is where most who want to clean foreclosed properties start. Then they get stumped when those leads dry up or don’t pan out as quickly as they want them to.

But marketing is something that should prescription cialis online be done deep and wide. What is meant by this is, take it to another level. Who do real estate agents network with? They get their leads from many different sources, eg:

General Contractors



Home Inspectors




Realtors network with these types of professionals because they come into contact with homeowners – who may be buying, selling or renting a property. Realtors are some of the most well connected professionals in every community.

And it’s why realtors they are one of the best sources to begin to get leads for foreclosure cleanup work. But, don’t stop there. When you own a business cleaning foreclosed properties, you must think, act and network like a realtor because you never know where your Kamagra Gold next job is going to come from.

And that’s how you make the right contacts to quickly land foreclosure cleaning jobs.

Author Bio: The Property Preservation & Real Estate Industry Contracting & Subcontracting Directory includes over 1,500 contacts of all types of professionals so you can start getting work cleaning foreclosed properties. It’s like putting the marketing for your foreclosure cleanup business on autopilot.

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