Can Divorce Really Be Contagious?

Half of all marriages end in it, with more and more taking that big step all the time. Does this mean that relationships are more dysfunctional than ever? Or simply that divorce is increasingly being considered by people as a way to improve their lives? A new study into patterns of divorce conducted by James Fowler, Professor at the University of California, has concluded that divorce is Kamagra Gold contagious.

Studying a sample of one thousand people over the course of thirty years, the research indicated that if an individual had a friend who got divorced, it increases the likelihood of that person getting divorced by approximately 147 per cent.

The study, titled ‘Breaking Up is Hard to Do, Unless Everyone Else is Doing it Too’ concentrated on the way that divorce spreads through social networks like bush fire, touching friends, siblings, co-workers and relatives.

It is thought that as an individual’s friends or relatives become divorced, it becomes more socially acceptable and more likely for them to do the same. While it might mean that bad marriages are contagious, it is more likely to be indicative of how free people feel to file for divorce in the face of disapproval. As divorce enters a social network, it becomes more acceptable as a way of improving life. Arguably these marriages were doomed anyway, but having a friend who has been through it can give people the courage to bring it to an end.

While divorce can be liberating for many, Fowler also noted that it can have a significantly detrimental impact on people’s lives, segmenting their social networks and reducing their number of friends.

The researchers have coined the phenomenon “divorce clustering” and also found that it can have an impact on couples with two degrees of separation from the divorced couple. That means if a friend of a friend gets divorced, those couples are 33 percent more likely to divorce themselves.

Those with divorced brothers or sisters are 22 per cent more likely to become divorced, while couples with children were much less likely to be influenced by divorced friends.

While divorce has become more socially acceptable in recent years, there is still something off-putting about divorce for unhappily wedded people, which seems to disappear when a friend or relative can confide in them about the process. The research indicated that most people saw more benefits to divorce when they discussed it with a friend or relative who had been through it. It suggests that with the appropriate advice, education and support, we could see even more people getting divorced in the future.

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