Going Over Speed Bumps

There are many different names for what Americans call a speed bump. It is also called a speed hump, road hump, speed breaker, sleeping policeman, slow child, or a judder bar (in New Zealand).

Whatever you may call it, it is designed to reduce speeding on the road and slow down traffic. Where are they most often used?

Usually you will find them in neighborhoods and shopping centers. They are used in neighborhoods a lot because they want cars to slow down where children are found.

Kids like to play in the streets next to their house even if it is not the safest thing to do. Sometimes children will be playing in their front yard and accidentally knock a ball into the street and run out chasing it without checking for any cars driving by.

This is why the speed limit is reduced down to twenty-five miles per hour in neighborhoods so that people do not come flying down the street when a kid runs out into Kamagra Gold the middle of it trying to get their ball. With all the cars that are parked on the sides of the street, your sight is sometimes blinded and it is hard to see people walking out from behind the vehicles.

There are some people that argue against them because they can cause noise and can damage a car. It can only damage a car if the car is driving too fast over them though.

Sometimes you will come across a hump that is way too tall and too sharp of an angle. When the speed limit says 35 and they have a hump in the middle of the road, the hump needs to be small enough to give you the message to slow.

You do not want to hit a huge hump in the road going very fast because then you will ruin your car. Some other kinds of cars, such as sports cars, have a hard time negotiating any hump because they have such a low ground clearance.

Usually it is best for them to go over the hump really slowly and at a little bit of an angle. There can be some serious hazards for drivers of other types of people.

For example, people who ride motorcycles and bicycles are a little more at risk for getting hurt while passing over a bump. They may not see it until the last second and go flying over it which can cause some problems.

But there are some humps that have a small groove cut into the middle of it to allow these kinds of different transportation through. It makes it safer for the drivers.

The first speed bump recorded in history was on June 7, 1906 in the town of Chatham, New Jersey. The famous newspaper “The New York Times” reported on the raised crosswalk in the middle of the road.

They planned to take the crossroad and raise about five inches above the rest of the ground to stop automobiles from going too fast. Today, it is not unusual for cars to go seventy-five miles per hour on the freeway.

Back then, the top speed reaches was only thirty miles per hour. The first hump built in Europe was in 1970 in the city of Delft in the Netherlands.

There are some disadvantages to the sleeping policeman. It causes a slow response time for emergency vehicles. It can divert traffic to parallel residential streets in order to avoid them.

It can cause discomfort for the people in the automobiles and problems for other buses and emergency services. Sometimes the drivers will be distracted by the humps and may inadvertently ignore other hazards in the road.

Some people say that it is just a substitute for enforcing the law instead of using real policemen. And there have been a few people who have complained that it caused spinal damage and aggravated a chronic backache.

There are pros and cons to speed bumps and they are definitely only to be used in certain areas. But they serve as a good reminder that when you are driving, you need to make sure that you always follow the rules of the road.

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