American Standard Air Conditioning Units Providing Your Home With Fresh, Cool Air

One of the leading brands of air conditioners available on the market is the American Standard air conditioning unit. The American Standard company is well known and respected for the excellent quality in its products and services. If you are looking for an air conditioning unit that will give you value for your money, the American Standard air conditioning unit is what you are looking for. They are affordable and very efficient; you are bound to see the difference in your light bill with one of these units.

One of the advantages of owning an American Standard air conditioning unit is it seasonal energy efficient ratio (SEER) ratings. This number gives an indication of how efficient the air conditioner converts electricity into cool air. Hence, a high SEER rating is an indication of an efficient air conditioning unit. In most cases the SEER rating of an American Standard air conditioning unit is high, providing a clear indication of efficiency associated with this brand of air conditioners. With a unit from American Standard in your home, you will immediately begin to see the reflection of its efficiency on your light bill as it will require less electricity than other lower rated brands to you that soothing and relaxing cool air.

Another great feature of the American Standard air conditioning unit is the price. These air conditioners are very affordable, costing you anywhere from $1000 to $10,000. The difference in the price will depend on the model and the SEER rating of the model. The price you pay for your American standard air conditioning unit will of course depend on your budget, requirements and taste. Nevertheless, which ever of the many options you choose, you can be confident that you will be receiving an air conditioner of top notch quality.

The American Standard air conditioning unit is available in a number of different models to help you stay cool and save money. Their Allegiance series comes in a wide variety of models, with each producing state of the art technology that is used to efficiently, meticulously and quietly cool your surroundings. The conditioners are separated in three main sections; the ultimate, the premium and the contemporary.

American standard air conditioning units all use a refrigerant that is environmentally friendly. These units operate very quietly and provide an even temperature in each room. Their rust-resistant coating on the base pan and screws is done to provide you with long lasting service, by protecting your unit them from the elements. They are also equipped to remove the unwanted humidity in the atmosphere of your home thus giving you a cool and comfortable feel.

The Allegiance 20 communicating model is a part of the ultimate line, and is just perfect for any home. One of the key features of this American Standard air conditioning unit is its efficiency which is expected to decrease your energy bills by approximately 60%. It is also equipped with a two step duration compressor which is set to operate at a lower energy saving capacity for most days with an increased capacity on hotter days, helping to make you bills less. Choosing an American Standard air conditioner is choosing a comfortable cooling system that will last.

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