Author Brings History to Life in Manhattan’s Upper East Side

You Are Invited to New York’s Biggest Block Party, by Manhattan’s Upper East Side As part of the 2011 celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy administration, the Kennedy Presidential Library and Foundation are working to bring a vision of the ideals that President Kennedy espoused. The themes are expected include democracy, civil rights, public service social justice and the importance of civilized political debate.

The 2010 Museum Mile Festival is hosted on 5th Avenue June 8, 2010 from 6-9pm. Enjoy free entrance to the live music, entertainment, museums art in the street and kids activities. Do not miss taking a walk by Jackie’s former home at 1040 5th Avenue, when you attend.

As Manhattan’s social 2010 social season winds down, New York is already gearing up for 2011. Already, 5th Avenue publisher Hyperion will publish a book based on previously withheld taped interviews with one of New York’s grandest ladies. Jackie Kennedy is sorely missed from the New York art and social scene. This will give neighbors and friends a chance to remember her voice once more. This book will be a new addition to the private library of many Manhattanites living in the Luxury Condos that tower above New York’s Museum Mile.

Sealed transcripts and live tapes from 1964 apparently have Jackie as she discussed everything from JFK’s early political campaigns, to the Cuban Missile Crisis, including JFK’s plans for his second term, and married life in the White House.

In the time following JFK’s assassination, and around the time she was buying her luxury apartment at 1040 5th Avenue, Jackie delivered a series of private taped interviews to historian and Pulitzer prize winning author Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr., with the understanding that they would be kept hidded until the right time.

Fellow New Yorkers will delighted to know that Caroline Kennedy has agreed towrite an introduction and edit the interviews. “My mother’s passion for history guided and informed her work in the White House,” said Caroline, president of the Kennedy Library Foundation. “She believed in my father, his vision for America, and in the art of politics. She felt it was important to share her knowledge and excitement with future generations. It is a privilege for me to honor the memory of my parents by making this unique history available.”

“These interviews offer a remarkable window into the intelligent, courageous, and keen observer that Jacqueline Kennedy was. Readers will be riveted,” said Ellen Archer, President and Publisher of Hyperion.

Jackie’s interviews were held as part of the Jacqueline Kennedy Collection at the Kennedy Library. The collection encompasses correspondence and memos related to White House entertainment, travels abroad and Mrs. Kennedy’s White House restoration project as well as notes on historical preservation. Also included are photos, scrapbooks, clothing and jewelry. She left a rich legacy of documents and memorabilia from her luxurious 5th Avenue coop for future generations.

New York City, Upper East Side’s Luxury Condo neighborhoods, have always been one of the world’s most eclectic places in the world to travel and live. Their remarkable history and amazing art scene charms long time residents, and new tourists alike.

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