Cosmetic Dentistry Can Make a Difference

Enhancing your smile is always important. There are many ways that cosmetic dentistry can make a difference. Teeth whitening is one of the more common types. The first step to improving your smile is this. Never skimp on a good dentist. You will love The difference Cosmetic Dentistry can make. Cosmetic dentistry Can Make A Difference.

There are several ways to whiten teeth and hundreds of products. There is concentration Gel that is made from carbamide peroxide and used with plastic trays. This is basically the home use version.

From the dentist, there is tooth whitening, tooth bleaching or laser bleaching and internal bleaching. Laser bleaching uses light energy to bleach the teeth. This procedure typically takes an hour and a single visit. This type of whitening is very controversial. There are those that think the light makes a difference and there are some that would not waste their time.

Which tooth whitening product works the best? Unfortunately, one must do a lot of research because there are a lot of products and techniques out there. Many of these products are not without unpleasant side effects so always read reviews first.

Veneers are another cosmetic option. Veneers can change the size or shape of a tooth and make them look straight without braces. Veneers can fill in gaps or spaces. They can be made of plastic, acrylic or porcelain. Composite veneers are the most inexpensive and they can last up to seven years. Other veneers can cost almost up to three thousand dollars per tooth. These will last up to fifteen years and require two dental visits. Veeners are not an option for everyone. They are a perfect solution to a discolored tooth or a tooth that is too small. The downside is that part of the real tooth needs to be shaved.

Always be careful before getting any kind of work done. Make sure that you do your research well and that you are not trading one problem for another. When I was 30, I thought it would be a good idea to get a tooth with a gold filling replaced with a white crown. I was tired of people asking me what the shiny thing in my mouth was.

Soon, I was in the dentists office having it done. Even though I had been told by other another dentist that the tooth with the gold filling would last a very long time, I thought a white tooth would look much better. I thought that replacing it now while I was young would benefit me more.

After it was done, I was glad I did it. It did look better. For a few weeks that is. After three months, I noticed that there was an ugly black rim on the gum line above the tooth. The dentist did not do a good job with the porcelain crown. I had traded an ugly tooth for ugly black gums. I was very angry that the dentist did not tell me in advance that this would or might happen.

Since then, I have learned that there are some things you should never skimp on. One of them is good tires for your car and the other is a good dentist.

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