Different Types of Massage Therapies

Massage therapies all over the world has been considered as a part of our regular medical care as it is effective in relieving body pain, relaxing our body, releasing stress, conditioning our mind, and energizing our body. All of these benefits can be achieved no matter which type of massage therapy you would choose.

Most of the many types of massage therapy deal with stimulating the central nervous system which is believed to be the pathway of energy in the human body. A simple stimulation of the muscles and tissues by the massage therapists can reduce and remove body pain and stress from the patient’s body. Different types of massage therapy addresses different types of ailments within the patient’s body, although all of these therapeutic massages have the ability to do the same healing process with the other types.

Below are some of the most commonly used massage therapies on massage spas that are popular and effective in doing what they do best with the patient’s body:

1. Swedish massage – if you are looking for a light massage which is relaxing and relieving, then this fits your preference. Light oil or lotion is used on the patient’s body during a massage therapy session where the patient undresses for the convenience of the massage therapist. Lying face down on a padded massage bed, the therapist then works the whole body for a relaxing and revitalizing experience.

2. Hot stone Massage – If you want a variation of a Swedish massage, this massage therapy uses hot stones to relax the muscles during a massage session. Basalt stones are heated on water at a certain temperature before being placed on the key areas of your body. The massage therapist also grabs hot stones while massaging your body and will replace it when its temperature cools down. The warmth of the stone releases toxins and tensions on the muscle of the patient.

3. Reflexology – A massage therapy suitable for those who are uncomfortable with taking off their clothes during a massage therapy session. Reflexology focuses its healing ability on the reflex areas of the hands and feet of the patient which are believed to be connected to their corresponding body parts. This is also a relaxing and stress-relieving experience.

4. Thai massage – Another type of massage therapy that doesn’t involve nudity during the massage session. Thai massage originated in India which was developed and used in Thailand as a source of medical care by monk practitioners. This therapeutic massage is unlike the western style massage which uses a padded massage table for their patient; instead a futon mat is set up on the floor for the patient to lie down during the massage therapy. Acupressure is used on the different body parts of the patient while passive yoga is incorporated in this massage therapy as a part of the healing or the patient. This is done in order for the patient to achieve a good mind and body coordination which aids the faster recovery of the human body.

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