Have You Found the Right Massage Therapist?

Regarded as one of the most popular and sought after complementary and alternative medicine service all over the world, the aromatherapy massage remains to be an effective and beneficial type of therapeutic massage. Since its early practice in the ancient times, it has continued to gain popularity and draw interest among the public due to many scientific reports of positive and beneficial healing properties. This is because of its combined aromatherapy and massage techniques for a better medical care.

If you are one of the many individuals who want to add aromatherapy massage to their regular medical care at the spa, then you need to know what exactly you need to do before and during the massage therapy session. Like any other medical care, you need to prepare yourself physically and mentally in order to gain a better result afterwards. The first thing in your list should be a visit to professional medical personnel such as your doctor which can give you the good pros and cons of an aromatherapy massage. In case you got a good feedback from your doctor, perhaps the next thing on your list would be to find a good and affordable spa with highly skilled and trained, certified and licensed massage therapists. Checking the medical track records of the personnel at the spa would be a good idea as you wouldn’t want to be serviced by an unlicensed individual. When you have found the right spa for you, ask your massage therapist for advices on how to prepare yourself for your coming massage therapy session. He or she will most likely tell you to avoid getting a full stomach or having a heavy meal prior to your session. You will also be told to arrive early at the spa as well as be informed that you will be half naked during the massage therapy session.

When you are in the massage therapy room, your massage therapist will then politely requires you to remove your clothes after he or she gets out of the room. Take note that this is the normal and standard procedure on any massage spa and any type of massage method all over the world. If you are uncomfortable with it, you can always tell the massage therapist so that he or she will know and be able to tell you what to do. Most spas have loose towel for their patients to use as cover for their private parts during the massage therapy session. You will then be asked to lie down on the padded massage bed with your face on the hole so that your massage therapist can prepare for your therapy. Your chosen essential oils will then be prepared and poured on your skin as you are massaged. Your therapist will use different massage strokes on the different areas of your body starting at your back.

Make sure that you listen to your massage therapist and follow what he or she says especially during the session to have a wonderful aromatherapy massage experience at the spa.

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