How To Choose The Best Prepaid Phone

If your looking to find the best deal on a prepaid phone then this article is for you.

Some find the best prepaid phone deals a little hard to work out because there are so many different deals on the market and this can cause confusion. So one of the first things you can do before you make the plunge into a store is do heavy research about the product that you are looking at purchasing.

One of the sites that has given me an honest and helpful insight is Wontek Phone reviews, they have a whole section on Prepaid and have gone out of their way to make the site as easy as possible to use. This site is easy to use and is located at After reading different reviews I came to the conclusion that Straight Talk would have to be one of the best on offer at this point of time mainly because there doesn\’t seem to be any deal that is even close to the Unlimited plan.

This is what is good about the unlimited plan, for $45 you get unlimited calls all over the county to any landlines or mobiles, it also included 411 Directory assistance. Unlimited text messages is also a feature that will make most people who love texting very happy. Also one thing that has most peoples attention is the fact the the Unlimited plan also has unlimited Internet access, that\’s right! So you can surf the net all day long on a 3G enabled Straight Talk phone.

One of the things about having Unlimited data on a cell phone more crazy is you are able to make calls over VOIP using software like Skype or the built in SIP software that is installed one the Nokia Straight Talk phones. The reason VoIP is handy is it adds the ability to call overseas for free or little amounts of money.

So you might wonder to yourself, why haven\’t I been using a prepaid service all along!, well the main reason for that is there just hasn\’t been as much competition as there is now, and this is good because we get some great affordable deals now that are just doing to leave the money in the wallet.

Depending on what phones are your favorite prepaid may not always end up being suited as you are somewhat limited to only using the phones that are offered with their prepaid plans. The best phones by far are the Nokia E71 & Nokia 6790, these are both smart phones with full QWERTY keyboards. After I did my research I went out and got the Nokia E71 because the phone was a perfect match for what my mobile needs were at the time.

I wrote this article because I know there are a lot of people hurting at the moment from the financial crisis and are desperately trying to find a solution that is going to ease the stress and help get their life back on track. I hope I have helped.

Author Bio: Dave writes helpful articles to help people save money on prepaid phone deals, he currently recommends Straight Talk Reviews as the best option, as Straight Talk has an Unlimited plan that can\’t be matched. has the best information for Prepaid phone reviews

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