Oil Change Intervals For Synthetic Auto Crankcase Oils – What is Safe & Recommended?

Synthetic oil are recommended highly by “racers” yet what about those extended-drain synthetic oils that promise anywhere from between 15,000 to 20,000 miles (24 to 32,000 km) between your oil changes? Is this a wise or recommended procedure when it comes to oil lubrication of your vital car or trucks engine or even recommended?

First of all, always remember and take into account that the oil change intervals promised by these oils are for “normal” or “ideal” driving conditions. Indeed when it comes down to it few of us are indeed “normal” and fewer yet drivers fit into the “ideal” or even “recommended” categories. Hence for all practical purposes we can ignore any oil change recommendations based on these “normal “change intervals.

Indeed if these extended drive intervals were translated or converted into severe service terms then these claims and mileage figures would drop considerably. The 15,000 mile-oil-change would need to be changed to 6,000 miles and the 25,000 to 10,000 miles. These figures indeed do make the oils sound more realistic, but are still on the high or higher sides. If you do choose or are currently choosing to make synthetic oil in your automobile’s power plant, be fully aware that most manufacturers do not make exceptions for synthetic oils including those with claims of very long or extended oil change intervals. That is the legal nuance that should you have major engine trouble on your new under warranty vehicle – you may well find that legally you are not entitled to warranty coverage nor protection.

Indeed there have been some drivers, who after repeated denials by their dealership that major and recurring engine repairs could not be due to auto factory negligence of product quality, were able to remedy their financial situation with a stack of oil change bills and receipts especially if that service and billings were from the factory dealership themselves. Of course it is your choice to use them and you can still use. However the oil change frequencies must still be changed and replaced in accordance with the warranty requirements, which in most circumstances are based upon regular auto mineral oils seldom synthetics.

True synthetics are not a brand new invention of 2011 and our new century. They have been tried, true and tested since the Second World War. Most of the products have been well tested under any of variety of driving and motor conditions and have had the “bugs” worked out of them. They are more than a highly reliable class of automotive lubricating fluids. True they are expensive and more costly for your pocketbook. As a rule of thumb in the automotive trades’ one quart costs approximately the same as three or four quarts of high-quality automotive standard petroleum mineral oils. True they can give better service than conventional auto mineral oils over the same period of time and mileage. Yet the question here in contention is how long – in terms of mileage or time intervals driven can they be used with safety – that is to your engine , its wear , repair and warranty coverage.

This controversy has yet to be resolved – neither by your mechanic or at the local Tim Horton’s donut shop. To be on the safe side, a general rule of thumb often quoted is to leave synthetics in the crankcase basically double the time interval you would of left regular oil in your crankcase and in no cases should this time interval exceed triple the period of time of your regular oil change interval.

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