The Advantages of IPTV Over Cable and Satelitte TV

With a stiff competition arising among stakeholders in the entertainment industry, telecommunications companies have sneaked their way in and caught other TV service providers off guard. This is through their latest service of offering television services to consumers over the internet. The service is referred to as Internet Protocol Television or simply IPTV.

Offering digital television services through the internet follows the latest inventions that ensure that rather than being transmitted through traditional broadcast such as cables and satellite dishes, the consumers get to watch their favourite TV through computer connections. This has followed the fact that the world has become so digitalized to the extent that viewing television through the internet is connected directly with civilization if not considered to be the acme of technological sophistication.

Most of the television channels in the world have followed suit by ensuring that their signals can be accessed through the internet and mostly for free. As of now there are more than 3000 channels offering signals through internet connections. This means that in order to access your favourite TV channel you simply need to have a personal computer and an internet connection. This has greatly improved communication to the extent that even a TV channel that is considered d to be less known has found a platform to show the world what it offers. The only difference that it has compared to other internet connections is that it sends the signals over closed and rather independent networks to beat the problem of congestion much to its advantage.

Much as the technology of offering TV services through the internet affected lives positively, it has also claimed its equal part in affecting the morals of many people negatively. This is simply because the freedom to watch whatever a person wishes has been enhanced. This has ensured that minors have access to explicit content since there are no regulations as to what one can view. As a matter of fact, there are no detectors attached to the systems to ensure that whoever gains access to the content being transmitted is within the suitable age bracket.

The advertisement industry has gained a lot through IPTV. This is because most channels attract a lot of traffic on the internet and that once a product is advertised on one of the famous TV channels many people get the information .Information on different aspects is being passed with ease to viewers all around the globe. This is an advantage that this technology has over cable and other traditional broadcast methods. Cables and other earlier broadcast methods reach only a small number of people and therefore advertisements placed on them may not be as effective as others placed on the internet protocol television.

There is a common compliant received from satellite TV consumers concerning the quality of the services especially during bad weather conditions. This happens especially during rainy seasons or storms. Satellite TV relies upon a satellite dish to ensure that its broadcasts are effectively received. IPTV services are provided through the internet and therefore are advantaged since internet connections are not affected by harsh weather conditions.

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