The Popularity of Massage Therapy

Life comes with stress and anxiety. This is a daily occurrence for all people. Some have begun to find alternative ways to deal with pain in muscles and joints as well as headaches and other similar ailments. Massage therapy has, through the ages, become a proven way to relieve high levels of physical and emotional pain. This has thus made it a very popular method of treatment and has made waves in the medical community today.

According the U.S department of Labor the employment in massage therapy has grown 20 percent within the years 2006 to 2016. Over 91 million individuals have received massages in 1999 and a total of 136 million in 2003. These numbers show the popularity and increase in interest which has made massage therapy and the study of it a very popular trend throughout the country.

In 2009, eight states within the United States offered massage therapy studies and licences and has several requirements before individuals could become professional therapists. These regulations differ from state to state. Within this current job market, many people are using massage therapy as a source of income alongside their primary income. Therapists are able to make their own schedules, accumulate clients and provide relaxing and curative techniques. Massage can be performed at a salon, at spas, health clubs, offices or within a client’s home.

Massage therapy is also beneficial both emotionally and physically and many people are wanting and needing this type of therapy for several reasons. With the increased rate of services needed from therapists many masseuses can use this avenue as their primary source of income. Consumers are highly satisfied with the results of massage therapy as it successfully alleviates stress and pain. This rise in popularity has also increased schools offering courses and job openings.

Consumers are also becoming more confident in the healing aspects of massage therapy due to its high success rate. As this confidence rises the need for therapists increase. Additionally, rarer types of massage therapy are also in high demand. 21 percent of consumers, surveyed by the American Massage Therapy Association, in 2005, had previously discussed massage therapy and its effects with their primary care physician who attested to its success. Support from the traditional medical field has further popularized massage, creating more jobs and opportunities. Natural healing training has now become available at several high profile schools and colleges across the nation.

Jobs within the massage therapy field have increased more and more each year. Resorts, cruise ships,hotels, spas and vacation spots all offer massage for guests making the need for licensed therapists very high. Even within the corporate environment, therapists are called to administer on-site massages to employees in order to promote wellness and productivity.

Massage therapy has begun to place itself within various aspects of life and work. The need for therapists has grown and the popularity surrounding this alternative form of healing has increased. One can assume that massage therapy will continue to gain popularity as a successful healing and curative procedure.

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