Things to Know About Massage Therapy

A massage therapy is perceived by many people as the best way to release stress out of your body to improve your health in a natural way. There are many various methods that reached over eighty types of massage therapy developed to suit the preferences of the patients all over the world.

A brief history of massage therapy takes us back in the ancient countries that had used this alternative medicine as part of their regular medical care. Some of these countries are Ancient China and Japan where they have found scrolls depicting the practice of massage therapy during the ancient times as a part of their healthy lifestyle.

Aside from the various different methods of massage therapy, there are also different kinds of body massage which is made up of the different parts of a human body which are practiced until today. There are back massage, neck and shoulder massage, abdomen and chest massage and many more. A massage therapist uses a mixture of science and artistic touch on these parts of the body to improve the overall health of a person.

Before you start your day at the massage parlor and spa, always remember to keep a light meal for that day prior to your session to further enjoy your wonderful therapeutic massage. Be ahead of time so that you will have more time to get acquainted and comfortable with your therapist.

When you enter the room, you will then be informed to undress and lie down on the padded massage table. Getting naked at the room is normal as it is a standard procedure when having a massage therapy session. If you feel uncomfortable with this idea, let your massage therapist know so that he or she will know what’s on your mind.

A massage therapy will not begin without a good light oil or lotion as preparation for the massage therapy session. The choice will depend on the preference of the patient or on the type of massage therapy. Nowadays, there are many choices when it comes to oil. A patient can have essential oils which are a good choice as they are scented oils, aiding in the aromatherapy of the patient. There are no proven negative effects in using these oils as medium on your massage therapy.

Your massage therapist will then begin with the basic massage strokes to prepare your body for the massage therapy. There are many various massage strokes that are used for different purposes and different parts of the body. All of these however are stress-relieving and helpful in conditioning the body for a faster healing process. The massage strokes are effleurage, kneading, percussion, friction, and vibration used with different hand techniques which help in soothing the nerves and muscles for a relaxed and stress-free feeling.

Consulting with your doctor is still the best preparation for an injury-free massage therapy session which is also safe from any kind of medical complication as safety should be one of the most essential things that you should consider before engaging in any kind of medical related activity.

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