What is the Amino Acid Glycine Good For?

Our brain is among one of the most over used organ of a human body. It works twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. It works even though we are in a deep sleep. It is the one responsible for the proper coordination and functions of all the other organs in our body. Heck, there is even a saying that the brain should be the one to rule over the heart. It is indeed the one superior from all the others. But like the other entire living things that exist in this world, it also needs all the care that it deserves. So the human being should very much be responsible in maintaining the optimal health state of the brain. How exactly is this done? Of course you can start with the general measures such as getting enough rest, eating a well balanced diet, and the avoidance of thinking negative thoughts.

Moving to the specific measures of taking care of your brain, what exactly should be done to preserve the healthy state of our brain? This is where the amino acid in the form of Glycine takes place. This certain amino acid is very important in the sense that it is one of the needed materials in the formation of the DNA which we all know is the genetic composition of a human being. And if you are wondering what is the connection between this amino acid and a human’s brain it is that Glycine plays a vital role in maintaining the integrity of the axons and the dendrites which, as you may know, are the passages of the nerve impulses delivered to and from the brain.

Can you just imagine if this the axons and the dendrites are not in their proper and healthy state, the messages transmitted to the brain will obviously not be interpreted well and in turn will also not produce the right and desired responses. Another very important thing that this amino acid can do is that it has this special ability to be able to breakdown glucose into its usable form so that the cells in the body may be able to utilize it. You should know how important glucose is. It is the one supplying energy throughout the whole system. It also does a great deal in maintaining the proper functioning of the brain that is why monitoring the blood sugar is of utmost importance since having it in too high levels may also pose a great threat to our health.

Like any other supplements, you can avail glycine in capsule or powdered forms. You can also have the effects of glycine from meat, fish and other dairy products such as cheeses and butter. We must always take care of our health because this is the best investment that we have. If we are healthy, everything else will follow. Supplements are merely there to boost our mission. But the final outcome still remains in our own hands.

You can find glycine at your local or internet vitamin store. Always choose name brands like Now Foods and Source Naturals to ensure quality and purity of the product you buy for better health and wellness.

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