Why Are 150W LED High Bay Lights Becoming So Popular Today

It seems these days that even the 150W LED high bay light is being touted as a good investment for not only business premises but also for homes. However some people are still wondering if they really as good as everything that is being said about them.

Certainly if you are considering investing in such lighting for your home it is important to not only know what the pros of installing such is, but also the cons. In this article we hope to help you better understand why investing even in a 150W LED high bay light is a good option.

When it comes to LED lights that are able to produce a high level of illumination it is worthwhile investing in them for both inside and outside your home or business premises. Remember these types of lights dependent on how often they are used have a much longer life span compared to fluorescent or metal halide high bay lights. Whereas metal halide and fluorescent lights only last for between 10 and 15 thousand hours, the new LED ones can last for around 50 thousand hours.

Every year their energy efficiency levels are being improved as more and more manufacturers choose to invest money in to developing their products further. At present you can see your energy bills each month reduced by between 20 and 30%, however in the future these bills can be reduced by as much as 50% each month.

Another feature that will prove of benefit to those who choose to install say a 150W LED high bay light is that these offer a more compact light source. So being able to focus the light they emit on one particular area is much easier so of course ensuring that illumination to it is far better than that provided currently by fluorescent or metal halide lamps.

For those who want lights in their business premises or homes that are safer for them and the environment then installing LED ones is something that they seriously should be considering. Along with these types of lights when on producing very little or no heat they also produce very little ultraviolet light as well. Plus you will find that they come in a much wider range of colors, not just white.

If that wasn\’t enough the developers of such products have now come up with RGB color change versions that are programmable. This then allows the user to determine just how much light they do emit because they can be connected to a dimmer switch system.

Finally of course why 150W LED high bay lights can prove useful today is that they contain no components within them that are toxic. These lights contain no sodium or mercury in them and also contain no cathodes or filaments. So when they become hot the risk of them emitting toxic fumes or breaking is greatly reduced. In fact these forms of lights are very resistant to any kind of physical shock, so when dropped the chances of them actually breaking is greatly reduced.

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