Why LED High Bay Lights

People have always had one kind of problem with lighting or another. Either the lighting wasn\’t sufficient enough or it ate up a lot of electricity meaning higher electric bills. For a limited time high pressure sodium lamps found their way into the limelight and most everyone was familiar with seeing the yellowish orange light they emitted glowing in the dark of night.

Nevertheless, it was not very cost efficient and didn\’t light up enough area. Then along came LED lights which gave off much more light, lit up more of an area, ate up less electricity and were energy efficient and thus the LED high bay lights became the lights of choice for people looking to light up their business or home properties. These high bay light bulbs have an output of 75 lumen per watt and are three times as effective as metal halide lamps. So they actually burn much brighter than other lights which is important when you want to be able to see all about a certain area. Dimmer lights just don\’t do as well a job as these do.

A LED high bay light gives steady lighting with no flickering and does not get overheated. Another advantage is that these lights offer up to 80% savings when considering electric consumption and will give you a 15% to 20% reduction on your air-conditioning expenses. You won\’t have to worry about changing your high bay lights as often since the LED high bay lighting offers a service life of more than 50,000 hours and less maintenance is needed.

Now if you are not sure if you need a LED high bay light then there are some things to take into consideration which will help you to decide.

First of all you should think about getting this type of light if your fixtures have HID or T12 fluorescent lamps and if they tend to make a buzzing sound and flicker. Another thing why you should consider setting up a LED high bay light is if the area where you want to place the light has its share of light outages and you need lights which don\’t have a prolonged re-strike period and are not prone to on off cycling. Last but not least some other things to look into are if the employees in your workplace have reported getting headaches or vision related challenges and if you would like to reduce air-conditioning loads.

As such, surely LED high bay lights are worth looking into for your lighting needs because they will save you money and are energy efficient and will last you a long time. You won\’t have to worry that suddenly the light will burn out since these lights give you so many more hours of service. In the long run you will also have saved money on electric bills and you will be glad that you chose to purchase and install LED high bay lights.

LED high bay light bulbs make use of diodes instead of filaments which can be found in conventional lights and therefore they are the most long lasting and durable light fixtures on the market. They have the capability of looking great and burning bright even to the farthest corners which make them great for dark, high risk areas. So if you add up all the benefits which these high bay lights offer you will you can be sure that you have chosen the right lighting fixtures. Once you also start saving money on them I am sure you will be glad that you made the right choice.

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