Super Bright LED Downlights – Your Own Source of Sunlight

When in need of an efficient lighting system that is safe and fashionable at the same time, super bright LED downlights are the perfect solution to such expectations. Available in different forms and sizes, they are easy to take care of, having a low maintenance cost and a long life, give the exact amount of light that it is needed and also look nice.

A downlight, also known as recessed light, pot light or can light, is a lighting system that is installed in the ceiling or in a place that requires light coming from above. When used, it appears like the light is coming from somewhere, usually a hole (because of the shape), in the wall. The name \”downlight\” practically explains the direction the beam has (downwards). This kind of system consists of two parts, a visible one that you can see when looking up to the place that it is installed in called \”trim\” and a second one, \”housing\”, that is actually the lamp holder and is hidden inside the ceiling.

One of the most important advantages for super bright LED downlights is the fact that they are environmental friendly, since they lack the usage of mercury as a component; very efficient comparing to traditional bulbs, LEDs give more light per watt then the others do, can reproduce a wide range of colors, by emitting the light of the intended color without using color filters and come in various sizes and shapes, depending on the preference one may have.

Easy to turn on and off (research reported that it takes somewhere under a microsecond for them to light up), LED downlights are a good choice for an on-off cycle lighting system. Comparing to other lamps, the heat emission is considerably smaller, making them safe when it comes to sensitive objects that may be in the room, and the lifetime is also significantly longer, over 50.000 hours and, sometimes, even more than 100.000, depending on the care they are given, unlike 10.000 to 15.000 in other cases.

Super bright LED downlights are shock resistant thanks to their strong components that make them hard to damage, break and so on. Another advantage is brought by the focus property, directing the light in the right manner and not spreading it all over the place like incandescent and fluorescent lights do. Unlike the two mentioned just now, LEDs are energy savers, have a much longer lifespan, give a lot more lumens, do not emit radiation, are considered ecological because of the lack of mercury, are physically stronger, come with different intensities of the beam, have a low maintenance cost, are available in various shapes and designs and are, all in all, cheaper, safer, and more efficient to use.

Super bright LED downlights have many light colors (white, warm white, blue, green, red and so on) and appearances (gold, sliver, black), depending on what they are used for; the annoying flickering or buzzing sounds that traditional bulbs make are not an issue in this case and the same goes for the radiation danger, which does not exist. The material used for their construction is usually aluminum.

With a working temperature of 45 degrees Celsius, this lighting method is beneficial thanks to its good heat sink, adjustable lens and beam angles (and adaptability to various voltage powers.

The advantages of the technological and appearance properties that it has make this lighting system a perfect alternative for traditional recessed lights. Usage of super bright LED downlights includes households, walkways, hotels, restaurants, museums, shopping centers, entertainment places, display cases, bars, or anywhere one might find appropriate.

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Author Bio: For more information on Ai Super Bright LED Downlights, pls visit Super Bright LED Downlights.

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