Why the Cost of Buying LED PL Downlights is So High

You may be put off investing in LED PL downlights because they are so expensive. However what you need to remember is that once installed such lighting can save you a great deal of money each year. Remember that these types of lights actually use 85% less energy in order to produce light to illuminate a particular area.

Although you will have to pay more to initially purchase these lights over the course of their use they can save you a great deal of money. In some cases they could end up saving as much as $300 per year.

Yet even though they could reduce your annual electricity bill by such an amount, you may be wondering why they are so expensive to buy initially. Well in this article we explain a little about what is involved for an LED PL downlight to be made.

To make such a light there are numerous steps involved especially in relation to the bulbs that will be fitted inside such a fitting.

The first step that needs to be carried out is for the LED circuit boards to be put through a hot furnace (solder reflow oven) to allow the solder paste to melt on to the boards. Then each one is broken up into separate boards before the actual wires that allow electricity to come into the boards is then soldered on to them by hand.

Once the circuit boards have been created for the LED PL downlight bulbs then the power supply needs to be manufactured. This is made in the same way as the circuit boards are. Only when this part of the manufacturing process has been completed can the power supply then be joined to the circuit board. Just as with the soldering on of the wires this part of the process is carried out manually.

As soon as the circuit board and the power supply have been joined then of course the assembling of the rest of the bulb can be carried out and fitted into your LED PL downlight.

First of all a plastic shell is fitted over the power supply, which in turn then connects to the LED circuit board and the heatsink, which helps to ensure that such a light fitting doesn\’t become too hot when in use. In order to ensure that the bulb doesn\’t become overheated like incandescent and fluorescent ones do each bulb has holes drilled into the base. These help to ensure any hot air inside the bulb is able to escape.

After the outer casing (shell) of the bulb for your LED PL downlights is fitted then before they are sold they go through some very rigorous testing. Each bulb is actually put through a burn in test where they are left on for a period of 30 minutes. Not only does this test help to ensure that the bulb is emitting the right sort of light but doesn\’t become too hot. Finally the bulbs will then have the bases crimped in place.

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