Why the LED Downlight Has Become So Popular

You may think having to spend say $90 on a LED downlight is a complete waste of money. But there are plenty of savvy homeowners around now who have chosen to do just that. Because they have decided to replace their current incandescent downlights with LED ones in the future they will see that their monthly electricity bills have become a lot less.

There are many forms of LED fixtures available these days but the downlights seem to be proving the most popular of them all. There are several reasons why this is the case.

The first reason is of course that an LED downlight bulb is a lot more energy efficient than the current downlights you have. A good quality downlight fitted with LED technology uses around 85% less energy than the lights you have currently. As they use so much less electricity of course this means that you will see a dramatic difference in how much you are spending each year on electricity. For example if you were to replace your current incandescent downlight with a 6 inch LED one you could expect to save around $265 each year on your electricity bill.

Yet even though these types of downlights use less energy they still have the ability to produce the same amount of light. In fact these types of lights are able to produce a light that is much brighter and whiter.

The second reason why such lights are proving so popular these days is that they are made from materials ensuring that they last a lot longer. On average you can expect such to produce light for around 50,000 hours. Whereas with your current lights you can expect them to last for say 1,000 hours before they need to be replaced. So of course you are saving yourself money, as you don\’t have to replace them as often.

These lights last longer compared to incandescent or fluorescent lights, as they don\’t become so hot. Again this is as a result of them not actually using as much electricity in order to produce light to illuminate a room or a particular area in your home.

Another reason why you may want to consider installing an LED downlight is that they don\’t stop working straight away. Instead over time the light they produce isn\’t so bright. Generally it is thought best that these types of lights should be replaced when they only emit 70% of the light they did originally.

Of course you may be concerned that replacing them is going to be harmful to the environment. But you shouldn\’t be, as these types of lights don\’t contain harmful chemicals such as mercury inside them.

Finally of course what is helping to increase the popularity of the LED downlight is that they come in a wide variety of colors. These lights actually emit different colors whereas with incandescent lights it is the bulb that will have been painted or colored to allow them to produce something different. The light inside is still white so it isn\’t as bright as that produced by an LED one.

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