Learn How To Get Your Radio Advertising Cost Down To Free

Start by choosing the perfect radio station, one which you believe could possibly be responsive to your service or product. Simply call them and present something that you currently have as a prize for one of their contests. It does not have to be anything extremely high priced. Even a T-Shirt will do. Along with T-Shirts, you could donate: Books, Art Work, Coupons, Tickets Etc.

PI Advertising:

When it concerns PI advertising, this is something hardly any people are familiar with. PI means Per Inquiry. Most radio stations are sure to offer this to a first time advertiser to look at what direction their advertising dollars will continue to work. Exactly what you will want to do is submit a letter to the radio station what you have in mind to advertise with and provide them the right benefits why they might want to consider doing PI along with you.

You want to ensure it’s clear to the radio station you truly believe it will be to their benefit to do this because you seriously feel you’ll get plenty of inquiries, making it really worth their while. Note, the way this works is simple. You only pay them IF you receive an inquiry about your service or product. No inquiries means no payment.

This tip below is an almost exclusive method of getting radio advertising cost lowered to free!


An excellent tool for receiving free radio advertising, and free radio publicity particularly with some of the smaller local stations, is with bartering.

Many establishments who don’t have the funds to buy something outright can provide some thing of theirs in exchange for an item another company does offer. Bartering has existed since early days of civilization and can be a highly effective style of getting something that you want.

One of the keys to succeeding, is to listen to the radio station and become aware of just what they might want that you have. It may be simple things like you volunteering your efforts to host a show of theirs for a definite topic.

Many radio stations will have guest hosts with regards to the format. Such as, many guest artists appear on and host their show, playing most anything they prefer in regard to music. This is usually a very popular segment. Bartering can be very beneficial whenever you decide what the radio station is looking for.

Non Profit Radio:

You will find quite a number of non profit stations around. The majority are college stations.

The positive aspects of college radio stations is that they have an incredibly loyal group of fans. The point is, if you just contact such types of stations and offer them a reason to bring you on, they will be more than happy to allow you to plug your product or service.

The important thing is matching the station demographic to those things you sell. If it’s a college station that appeals to heavy metal followers, possessing a product or service relevant to college age students will likely go over very well.

If it’s actually a college station that offers religious programming, a conservative family based product or service will be appealing to that audience.

As soon as you zero in on a non profit station and its demographics, the rest is simple in terms of targeting your offer and eliminating radio advertising cost.

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