Silk Exports Continue to be Optimistic This Year

Last year, China’s silk export has been basically out of that by 2002 the overall weakness of the state of the overall improvement of the situation there. Silk exports this year is still possible to maintain good momentum.The situation from the past five years, China’s silk exports gradually increased, the base is also rising, its rapid export growth in the past two years. Increase again this year, although more may be very difficult, but analysis of domestic and international situation this year is expected to continue to grow throughout the year the possibility of more than 5% is still there.

First of all, the world economy is conducive to the improvement of export. Although the world economy this year there are many variables, such as geo political influence is difficult to estimate, the economic recovery in developed countries, there are many vulnerabilities, the problem still more, the prevailing view that the world economy this year will significantly accelerate the pace of recovery. International Monetary Fund expects world economic growth will exceed 4%, while the global trade growth would be between 6% and 8%.

Secondly, from the silk of the main sales market, it is also more optimistic. Last year, customs statistics show that sales of Chinese silk to the other main export market overall is better, for most regions and countries of exports growth. In this year’s international trade environment, although there are still difficulties in some areas, but overall is expected to continue to maintain good momentum, or further growth. For example, exports to India in recent years, annual high. Last year, the export of Indian raw silk for me and re examination of anti dumping measures, but this year our exports to India increased 18.15%, silk and Pi Chou (off wire) exported about 15,870 tons, compared to 2002 (about 13,433 tons ) again increased.

Although India to take measures to limit imports of Chinese raw silk to protect its silk production. However, India’s raw silk and cocoon varieties of raw materials, quality problems, difficult to be resolved in the short term, it is hard to meet its export of silk in the growing need (there have been reports, India has become the first U.S. silk imports a country of origin). Last year, India to reduce its pressure on the supply of raw silk, continue to import large quantities of conventional ultra Pi Chou China.

This shows that India, although in some the help of international agencies and countries, is currently taking all the development of silk industry in the Cuoshi, but in the face of growing domestic and foreign markets, short term publication also difficult to get rid of the Chinese raw silk and other Chanpin of Yi Lai. It is reported that the fourth quarter of last year India imported raw silk and Pi Chou made a reduced tax, of which Rs 227 per kg of raw silk from the lower to 129 rupees. So, every case is expected this year, exports to India will better.

Third, since the beginning of enterprises around the world are better reflected in the export momentum, the current export list are more tight around the factory arrangement. All these indicate exports this year will have a relatively good situation.In addition, the silk industry to run well, but also laid the foundation to expand the export of silk.

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