Wei Siman Low-key Dress Brand to Build China’s First Listed

At the recent China International Fashion Week, the famous clothing brand Weisi Man extravaganza, held series of knitting fashion design contest in China, Chinese sweater trends conference and product launches autumn and winter 2010 2011. Fall River, chairman Xie said in an interview, Wei Siman early this year began listing, intended to build China’s first listing of women’s brand.

Weisi Man was born in 1998, currently has more than 400 stores across the country, the marketing network in more than 100 cities, with annual sales of nearly 400 million yuan. Xie Qiu River, said the company will occur this year, major changes, first in the channel to open up on the big move. Key objectives is to increase the area of 10 square meters more than 200 sales of more than 2 million flagship store. “In the past the shop 90% less than 100 square meters, and more emphasis on South China, is now in Beijing, Shanghai, Changsha, Chengdu, Xi’an, Guangzhou, Shenzhen set up seven sales subsidiaries, aims to expand across the nation.” Xie said Autumn Creek .

The rise of China’s garment industry must rely on brands, on this point have experience of the Harvest River. He did in 1987 for the processing of foreign brands began to build their own brand in 1998, during which period 10 years. Women now become well known brand, and another 10 years. Wei Siman has been awarded the “500 most competitive brand in China”, “market selling clothing brand” and “China wool knitwear industry’s most competitive brand 50” and other honors. Fall River Xie said that the introduction of Korean designers last year after the investment in R & D this year, product sales revenue from 2% to 4%. “I believe in the Chinese fashion industry is very high budget, and most of the 2% 3%.”

In 2009, in the context of economic crisis, China’s export oriented textile and garment industry into a corner. According to statistics, in 2009 China’s textile and apparel exports 1,670 million, down 10.1% over the previous year. But what is surprising is that Wei Siman maintained a growth of 30% of the contrarian, even more gratifying is that ushered in the domestic VC investment 50 million yuan Jiuding strategic investment. Jiuding investment, said executive director Tan Zhengyu, investment Wei Siman mainly interested in the Chinese garment industry’s enormous growth potential, while Wei Siman after 20 years of development, already have the foundation to the outbreak, he believed that by constructing a sales network, brand, Wei Siman at 3 5 years into the high growth period in the Wei Siman Jiuding investment need not rule out the case for capital increase.

2010, Wei Siman expected sales growth of 30 40%. For this growth rate, Xie Qiu River appears to have no pressure point. He believes that the potential of the domestic market has yet to be excavated, Wei Siman from 10 years ago, focused their attention on the domestic market, channel and brand building already has accumulated. “The following sales company reported a 50 60% increase on this figure we have to give them a discount.” It is understood that Weisi Man from the beginning of this year started the group operation, aims to build China’s first listed The women’s brand. But the simple listing of the Harvest Creek that is indeed underway, but low key thing.

Weisi Man Group is also part of the real estate business, accounting for 30% of Group revenue, but said the Harvest Creek, listed real estate assets will not be put into the future of real estate will continue to develop as a sideline. “Because the real estate in China influenced by the policy, the basic dependent on the weather, the clothing industry is relatively stable, and with the socio-economic development and expansion of domestic demand, the industry’s growth will continue.”

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