Your Boyfriend Keeps Breaking Up With You – Why He is Doing This and What You Can Do to Stop It

If you are saying your boyfriend keeps breaking up with you, it is no wonder you want to know why he is doing this. This type of behavior on his part can keep you in a constant turmoil. It can even ruin your health. When a man is willing to keep you upset, it says a lot about him. No man that is mature and loves you would want to treat you this way. Since you are in love with him you want to know what you can do to stop it.

There could be two main reasons your boyfriend keeps breaking up with you. He might be very insecure and by making you beg him for his love it makes him feel like a big man. You should not let someone constantly build their ego and security at the expense of your emotions. First of all he does not deserve you. If he cannot appreciate your feeling more than he indicates, you should dump him. If you did he would turn around in a hurry. You are letting him get away with his juvenile actions so you must take part of the blame. Unless you do not let him know that you will not stand for anymore game playing on his part, he will continue to do it. Why would you want someone like that?

The other reason your boyfriend keeps breaking up with you could be that he does not really consider you his girlfriend at all. You are just his backup. Someone he can always fall back on when his other pickings get slim. He is probably out playing the field and dating anyone woman he can. When he runs out of prospects for a while, he runs back to you. This might be hard for you to face, but you are really not much more than his friend with benefits. Do not let this happen to you.

The next time he breaks up with you, tell him you think it is best for both of you. Do not cry or beg. You have been through this before so it should not be any surprise to you. It will not be long before he will be calling you again. Ignore him. Do not take his phone calls, answer his emails or text messages. Cut him off completely. In fact you should forget him and move on. But, since you love him and still want to have a future with him, you have to give it one more try. After a few days of not letting him contact you, take his call and tell him you need to talk. When you meet him make sure you have yourself under control. Look him in the eyes and tell him that you are through being mistreated. Lay out the ground rules for any future relationship.

This will take a lot of strength. But to have a decent relationship with him you have to make him see that you are done with the games. If he loves you, this should wake him up. If he really believes he is on the verge of losing you forever. Just see this through and you will not only stop his foolishness, but you may get a commitment.

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