HORIZON it and How Simplicity Powers a Successful Career

Simplicity, innovation, commitment? A full range of solutions? Regulasr technological advances regular? Expertise and experience? Team spirit? In short, Horizon IT!

Horizon IT specializes in providing the best software solutions for services such as application development, business consulting, online marketing and SaaS payment solution. The company also creates reliable products for a wide range of industries including Entertainment, Media, E-Commerce, Online Payment Processing and Marketing.

Discover hands-on the experience for a career in (H)IT

Horizon IT expertise is not limited to delivering a fully functional product.

Our gang of tech leaders is also involved in the maintenance phase and remains committed to assisting the client throughout the entire product life cycle. The result? A partnership based on open collaboration and efficiency.

Incidentally, Horizon is the only IT laboratory where careers are created. How? Simply. As the HIT team says: \”simple is the best fit.\” The company has all the ingredients for a successful business: innovation, simplicity, continuous learning, challenges, openness and support team.

Life in Horizon IT: a glimpse behind the closed curtains

HIT can boast a culture centered on people and oriented towards results. The energy, enthusiasm and team involvement helps delivering successful projects and training young talent. This is how the team of innovators managed to create real impact and build a viable product.

Basically, a significant business value derives from the quality of employees. Empathy. Devotion. Human intelligence. And excitement. Horizon IT proudly provides all the resources to encourage their professional growth.

Moreover, the company invests in sustainable development through volunteering and fundraising.

Our HR professionals believe in unveiling new talent and are looking for passionate people who want to encourage evolution amid passion, openness and proactivity.

If your priority is to touch your career landmark on time (or even faster) and if you resonate with their values, do not hesitate to apply for job opportunities offered by the company.

Most companies advocate a standard purpose that speaks little to nothing about REASON. Everyone’s mission is to make a difference. The Horizon IT mindset sees things differently though.

We know that added value is, after all, the prerequisite of existing on the market.

The real pledge that we take is to deliver solutions that scale, customized for every business and verified for results. We draw the digital world of tomorrow in hi-res.

To pursue growth and learning, Horizon IT encourages the young mind-frame to reach professional maturity without letting go of the creative and rebel edge.

Working together to forge the best environment for online businesses everywhere! This is what we DO: we build the virtual landscape within the parameters of a scalable digital architecture. And this is how we DO it: swapping ideas and transferring constructive feedback to flawless lines of code.

Jumpstart your own future within Horizon IT! The key word is \”team\”: we work together and share the same passion – exceeding expectations and its own limits. Take the first step towards that dream career and develop your talent. Bring over knowledge and passion. Horizon IT provides the rest.



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